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Ashtanga Yoga:

A liberating and flowing series of classic Yoga poses, linked one to another by a connective movement. Special emphasis on breathing technique, muscular contractions, and strengthening and toning.
Pilates: Various class levels are provided based on participant experience with Pilates. The focus is on basic principles: Breathing, abdominal muscle isolation and control, and basic muscle group awareness using challenging exercise sequences.


A flowing mind/body practice integrating yoga and pilates to increase strength, flexibility, and balance while reducing stress and improving endurance. All levels welcome.

Gentle Flow:

Incorporates flowing sequences into a slow, calm practice. Learn alignment and attention to detail, and cultivate greater depth, ease and sustainability in your flow practice. Perfect for beginners or advanced students to welcome soft openings and mind-body-spirit awareness.

Vinyasa Flow:

A lighthearted class combining traditional postures with Vinyasa transitions. Students will harmonize the breath with a series of postures linked together in a natural, flowing sequence. Class includes basic techniques, gentle adjustments, core strengthening, and fun. A multi-level class suitable for physically active practicioners.

Yoga Flow (Level 2/3):

The fluid practice of yoga synchronized with breath movement. Knoweldge of Sun Salutations and basic yoga postures is helpful. Yoga Flow raises core body temperature and is a more vigorous yoga practice.

Yoga Mixed/All Levels:

Learn the foundational postures of yoga and the exercises of Hatha Yoga. Extra time is spent on precise alignment, specific points of each posture, deepening stretches, strengthening muscle groups, flow and breathing. The goal is to allow each practicioner to develop at their own pace.


Bhakti Yoga – A gentle flow class with guided meditation. Intended to refresh, restore and rejuvenate, the devotional teachings of bhakti yoga are woven into a gentle flow of yoga asanas synchronized with the breath. Following an hour long asana practice, students are gently guided into an extended meditation practice. If you are looking for a deeper connection of mind, body, and soul, this is the class for you.

Restorative Yoga:

Restorative practice cultivates the habit of attention using props to support non-strenuous stretching. Props relieve the muscles and bones of their role of support and action, and the nervous system becomes quiet. Essential oils are used in this class.

Anusara Inspired Yoga:

Join the community for a light hearted, challenging practice. Anusara Inspired yoga is a Celebration of the Heart supported by specific alignment principles. Go deeper to the heart and body by enhancing breath, body and mind. All levels are welcome.

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