Maybe you came to Maui to discover a new place in the Pacific Ocean, where the wind blows and the wave break. Or maybe you want more than just the typical beach experience, you want to go beyond the tourist attractions and discover the essence of this island oasis, Maui, Hawaii.

There are ways to this by simply listening to your inner compass. The land, the ocean, the air or travel through time!

Maui Fishpond

Go into the past and learn about the Hawaiian cultural history, see the islands from a Hawaiians perspective.

Maui Scuba Diving

Go to the ocean and see what it is like to live below the surface. Dive instructor extraordinaire and PADI certifiable master diver Maui Scuba Mike.

Maui Zip Line

Go to the sky and the canopy and see Maui from trees and the birds perspective.

Mermaid Adventures

Don’t let your mind be where your imagination ends. Actually live your dreams and become a mermaid at Hawaii Mermaid Adventures.